Thursday Winter/Spring Coed @ The RA Centre & uOttawa Lees Dome


Leading Scorer Div 2 Cory Tester Mamboleo OGs
Playoff Champions Div 3 CU Next Thursdays
Leading Female Scorer Div 3 Sara Djebri Gleaming White Balls Revisited
Playoff Champions Div 4 Eddie's Team
Leading Female Scorer Div 2 Jackie Leach Realcoholics
Leading Scorer Div 1 Zach El Shafei friends FC
Leading Scorer Female Div 4 Colette Gorni The Other Guys
Leading Scorer Div 3 Brendan Baumken Gladstoners
Playoff Champions Div 1 WhereistheD
Leading Female Scorer Div 1 Alyssa Armstrong Madrid FC
Leading Scorer Div 4 Brad Dekleer Walking Red
Playoff Champions Div 2 Miscellaneous
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