Soccer7s League Update: 'Time Penalties' For Disciplinary Cards
22 August 2022 @ 9:29 AM by Matt Schram

Teams & Captains,

There are a few amendments to our time penalties as we kick-off our Fall leagues and products. 

The following time penalties apply to offences for which a card is issued (subject to further action by the Administrative Authority).  During the time penalized teams must play short.

(a) Yellow Card: 2 minutes for a Yellow Card;

(b) Red Card: The player will be dismissed/ejected and not allowed to return to the game. The team must play short for the remainder of the game with the offending player being ejected:  any player receiving a Red Card will take no further part in the game and will, depending on the circumstances, be banned from a number of subsequent games or dismissed from the league entirely. 

  • Time penalties are assessed from the time that play restarts after the offence occurs. All time penalties are absolute and will run for the full duration of the penalty regardless of how many goals are scored in that period.

-Your Soccer7s Team

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