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Winter Indoor Soccer Leagues

Sign up for Winter indoor Soccer League 2016-2017!
(See details below)

Winter Indoor Soccer Leagues

Sign up for Winter indoor Soccer League 2016-2017!
(See details below)

Our Latest News Updates :

Summer 7s Champions

Posted on Thursday September 22nd 2016 :: 1:32 PM

We would like to thank all of the teams, their managers, and their players for another great summer season.

Congratulations to the champions:

MENS Sundays: As Roma
WD2 Mondays: Rangers
WD4 Mondays: Oisc That's Right
WR2 Mondays: Hotspurs Hot
Mens Rec Tuesdays: Goon Squad
OT Tuesdays: Ottawa Italians
Coed Rec Tuesday: Iraq
WD3 Tuesdays: Sicarias
WD5 Tuesdays: Hellas
Coed Rec Wednesday EAST: Ballbreakers
Coed Rec Wednesday NORTH: Green Machine
Coed Rec Wednesday SOUTH: Shocker Fc
Coed Rec Wednesday WEST: Where Is The D
W30+ Thursdays: Troopers
W40+ Thursdays: Troopers
Coed Rec Thursday FIFA: Hooligans
Mens Open Thursdays: The Nature Boys FC

Individual Players

Posted on Tuesday September 20th 2016 :: 1:37 PM

We have a pool of individual players looking to be placed on a team. If your team is short, please contact us.


Posted on Monday July 25th 2016 :: 11:50 AM

The winter leagues will have the following schedule:

Monday: COED, Women's Premier, Division 1/2/3 and Women's Rec 2.

Tuesday: COED, Women's Division 4/5, and Men's Rec 3 (A and B).

Wednesday: COED, Women's Rec 1

Thursday: COED, Women's Rec, MD2, and MR2 (A and B)

Friday: COED, OT 1/2/3 and 40+/ 50+

Saturday: Evenings COED, Mens Premier/Div 1

Sundays: COED, Women's 30/40+, Men's Division 3/4/5 and Men's Rec 1.

As in previous seasons, your team will have at least a couple of games on a different night to accommodate new teams and less late games.

Cost: $1900.00 plus HST ($300 Deposit)

Duration: 3rd week of October-End of January (12 games plus a tournament style playoff)


Posted on Thursday June 23rd 2016 :: 3:28 PM

Please refrain completely from drinking in the parking lots and the fields at the RA Centre.

iPhone App for Soccer 7s

Posted on Wednesday January 22nd 2014 :: 8:16 PM

Check out our new iPhone app for Soccer 7s!

You can read news updates, view schedules for your team and league, and see detailed statistics for every team.

Take photos and upload them from the app, and browse photos from other Soccer 7s players.

You can learn more about app here :

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Check out our new iPhone app!