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Spring League Schedules

Posted on Friday January 26th 2018 :: 7:19 PM

Tuesday Leagues start February 6
Wednesday Leagues start February 7
Thursday Leagues start February 8
Friday Leagues start February 9
Sunday Leagues start February 11
Monday Leagues start February 12 (schedules online February 10 at Midnight)

Spring League 2018

Posted on Tuesday January 16th 2018 :: 8:11 PM

We have a few more openings left.

Please don't miss out.

SPRING LEAGUE 2018 (Starting 1st week of February)

Posted on Wednesday December 13th 2017 :: 7:25 PM

The spring leagues will have the following schedule:

Monday: COED, Women's Premier, Division 1/2/3 and Women's Rec 2.

Tuesday: COED, Women's Division 4/5, and Men's Rec 3 (A/B/C).

Wednesday: COED, Women's Rec 1

Thursday: COED, Women's Rec, MR2 (A/B/C)

Friday: COED, OT 1/2/3 and 40+/45+/50+

Saturday: COED, Mens Premier/Div 1

Sundays: COED, Women's 30/40+, Men's Division 3/4/5 and Men's Rec 1.

A $300 deposit, payable to Soccer 7s is due. All leagues will be filled on a first come first served basis.

The BALANCE of the league fee payment is due January 30.

The spring league fee for the 2018 season is $1975.00 plus HST. Spring leagues will begin 1st week of February.

The spring league will consist of 12 games plus a tournament style playoff.

For further information, email us at staff@soccer7s.ca or call us at 613 986 0319.

Please note: Like in previous seasons, teams will have a couple of games on an off night due to a few new teams entering AND to MINIMIZE the 11pm games.


Posted on Thursday February 2nd 2017 :: 5:32 PM

There have been a number of incidents in the parking lot adjacent to the dome. Please ensure that your valuables are stored appropriately.


Posted on Sunday December 11th 2016 :: 7:02 PM

Fitbit is a watch and is considered jewelry. It must be covered with tape or taken off when playing.

Individual Players

Posted on Tuesday September 20th 2016 :: 1:37 PM

We have a pool of individual players looking to be placed on a team. If your team is short, please contact us.


Posted on Thursday June 23rd 2016 :: 3:28 PM

Please refrain completely from drinking in the parking lots and the fields at the RA Centre.

iPhone App for Soccer 7s

Posted on Wednesday January 22nd 2014 :: 8:16 PM

Check out our new iPhone app for Soccer 7s!

You can read news updates, view schedules for your team and league, and see detailed statistics for every team.

Take photos and upload them from the app, and browse photos from other Soccer 7s players.

You can learn more about app here :

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